Gazelle class Close Escort

Hundreds of Gazelle class close escorts have been built and many remain in service in the Imperial Navy, despite the fact that in a combat situation, they are nearly worthless. The close escort, even when new, was not intended to stand up to combat vessels; rather it was envisioned as an anti-piracy and revenue patrol ship. In that role, it has performed well, but when pressed into combat duties it has invariably suffered disproportionate losses.


Close Escort, Type CE, TL 14, MCr301.37


387/968, Disp=330, Config=1SL, Armor=49G, Unloaded=7,080tons, Loaded=7,340tons, DropTanks=1,350kliters


55/110, Fusion=7,400Mw, Duration=15


38/76, M-Drive(1)=4, M-Drive(2)=5, 16/32, J-Drive(1)=4, J-Drive(2)=3, J-Drive(3)=5, Vacuum(1)=3,400kph, Vacuum(2)=3,840kph, Top=1,000kph, Cruise=750kph, NOE=190kph, Agility=0




EMMask, PassiveEMS=Interstellar, ActiveEMS=FarOrbit, Densitometer=HighPen/1km, Neutrino=10kw, EMSJammer=FarOrbit, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Rout, PasObjPin=Rout, PasEngScan=Simp, PasEngPin=Rout

PAWS 0 0 1       BLaser x x 4
Batt . . 2 Batt . . 2
Bear . . 2 Bear . . 2



Computer=6 x3, Panel=HoloLink x529, Special=HUD x5


BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtendLS, GravPlates, InertialComp, Comfort=3.20


Crew=10, (Bridge=2, Engineer=2, Gunnery=4, Command=1, Medical=1), Stateroom=8


Horizon class Gig


Cargo=81kliters, Fuel=2,500kliters, FuelScoops, PurificationPlant, ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Faint


Ship is equiped with L-Hyd drop tanks. Loco performance varies with situation. With drop tanks installed and retained, jump-4 and 4G (see Loco 1 above). With drop tanks not installed, jump-2 and 5G (see Loco 2 above). With drop tanks installed and dropped, jump-5 (see Loco 3 above).

tail no name owner captain status notes
13712 Gazelle IN (Customs)
13713 Reindeer IN (Customs)
13714 Tommy IN (Customs)
13715 Lunger IN (Customs)
13716 Poni IN (Customs)
13717 Antelope IN (Customs)
13718 Jackrabbit IN (Customs) lost 1102
13719 Groat IN (Customs)
13720 Lu IN (Customs)
13721 Eland IN (Customs)
13722 Khteioiyw Albe (Albe Patrol)
13723 Eaheyereaea Albe (Albe Patrol)
13724 Sa Ktei'ea Albe (Albe Patrol)
13725 Hfeweaew Albe (Albe Patrol)
13726 Oih Ktesoh Albe (Albe Patrol)
13727 Iy Takheau Albe (Albe Patrol)
13728 Aiaotair Albe (Albe Patrol)
13729 Ariykhala'yol Albe (Albe Patrol)
13730 Larlalaos Albe (Albe Patrol)
13731 Htaikeasea Albe (Albe Patrol)
13732 Oryx Albe (Albe Customs)
13733 Suncrown Albe (Albe Customs)
13734 Cantril Albe (Albe Customs)
13735 Red Deer Albe (Albe Customs)
13736 Whitetail Albe (Albe Customs)
13737 Mitra Albe (Albe Customs)
13738 Brushopper Albe (Albe Customs)
13740 Ivory Gazelle Albe (Albe Customs)
13741 Ythri Albe (Albe Customs)
13742 Westeng IN (212th Fleet)
13743 Mustang IN (212th Fleet)
13744 Huang Lu IN (212th Fleet)
13745 Elk IN (212th Fleet)
13746 Griffen IN (212th Fleet)
13747 Landa IN (212th Fleet)
13748 Pronghorn IN (212th Fleet)
13749 Wisent IN (212th Fleet)
13750 Impreal IN (212th Fleet)
13751 Denebian Deer IN (212th Fleet)
13752 Wapiti IN (212th Fleet)
13753 Bison IN (212th Fleet)
13754 Banshee IN (212th Fleet)
13755 Pegasus IN (212th Fleet)
13756 Furi IN (212th Fleet)
13757 Mule Deer IN (212th Fleet)
13758 Feathertail IN (212th Fleet)
13759 Impala IN (212th Fleet)
13760 Manatee IN (212th Fleet)
13761 Inverness IN (212th Fleet)
13762 Urus IN (212th Fleet)
13763 Caribou IN (212th Fleet)
13764 Hartebeest IN (212th Fleet)
13765 Ibex IN (212th Fleet)
13766 Dugong IN (212th Fleet)
13767 Moose IN (212th Fleet)
13768 Unicorn IN (212th Fleet)
13769 Blacktailed Deer IN (212th Fleet)
13770 Hammerhorn IN (212th Fleet)
13771 Lightfoot IN (212th Fleet)
13772 Bighorn IN (23rd Fleet)
13773 Shammy IN (23rd Fleet)
13774 Blue Bola IN (23rd Fleet)
13775 Narwhal IN (23rd Fleet)
13776 Bandersnatch IN (23rd Fleet)
13777 Bufferlo IN (23rd Fleet)
13778 Roe Deer IN (23rd Fleet)
13779 Gnu IN (23rd Fleet)
13780 Rhebok IN (23rd Fleet)
13781 Fallow Deer IN (23rd Fleet)
13782 Colophon IN (23rd Fleet)
13783 Okapi IN (23rd Fleet)
13784 Chimera IN (23rd Fleet)
13785 Fen's Deer IN (23rd Fleet)
13786 Punchinello IN (23rd Fleet)
13787 Atoll Runner IN (23rd Fleet)
13788 Eohippus IN (23rd Fleet)
13789 Serif IN (23rd Fleet)
13790 Breckt IN (23rd Fleet)
13791 Stag IN (23rd Fleet) in service
13792 Kudie Al Morai in service
13793 Kangaroo Al Morai
13794 Kian Al Morai
13795 Krugerann Al Morai
13796 Kudu Al Morai
13797 Anwraf IN (BR123) Lieutenant Trudie Millian in service
13798 MacArthur IN (CR358) Lieutenant Oneida Nedbalek in service
13799 Beumont Rhylanor Subsector Navy Lieutenant Svetlana Petrovski lost 1105
13800 Timoshenko IN (CR501) Lieutenant Vanesa Manatt in service
13801 Bursilev IN (CR501) Lieutenant Lonna Consoli in service
13802 Boxer IN Lieutenant Gregor Smith in service
13803 Rintelli IN Lieutenant Hadian Sato in service
13804 Baranduin ClawBack LIC in service
13805 Richtofen IN (CR358) Lieutenant Lauren Levra in service
13806 Storm
13807 Be Afraid
13808 Tumbling Dice
13809 Deoraoicht
13810 Misery
13811 Kestrel IN
13812 Stallion IN Lieutenant Fidel Roe
13813 Mare IN Lieutenant Sir Gaspard Moon
13814 Rudolf IN Lieutenant Hfaluiyeoioüieau
13815 Bush Runner IN
13816 White Hart IN Lieutenant Laine Ibury lost 1099
13817 Heorot Vegan Autonomous District
13818 Swiftie IN
13819 Kudebeck IN
13820 Cillien IN
13821 Abracone IN
13822 Nine Lives
13823 Doe IN lost 1089
13824 Moa IN
13825 Steed IN lost
13826 Saiga IN Lieutenant Liam Osai
13999 Pershing IN (BR504) Lieutenant Dorsey Malgieri in service
14016 Gina Bounder IN Troy Emerson disappeared 911
14026 Bunny IN Klaud Saro-Wiwa
14190 Titan Plain IN (CR501) Lieutenant Particia Lapere in service
14193 Ejofup IN (BR123) Lieutenant Hosea Cito in service
14206 Hardraede IN (CR502) Lieutenant Darell Lazier in service
14252 Zhukov IN (CR358) Lieutenant Shad Holstad in service
14259 Seemes IN (BR504) Lieutenant Maida Andradez in service
14306 Kohlar IN (CR501) Lieutenant Rudolf Olvedo in service
14362 Alexander IN (CR502) Lieutenant Ema Jennkie in service
14380 Montgomery IN (CR358) Lieutenant Milan Hodosy in service
14429 Conley IN (CR501) Lieutenant Sir Malcom Mitchler in service
14455 Chief Joseph IN (BR504) Lieutenant Mose haut-Dellibovi in service
14547 Nihonjika IN Lieutenant Gilliaan Srivaddhanaprabha
14554 Foch IN (BR504) Lieutenant Isreal Merl in service
14562 Aguilar IN (CR501) Lieutenant Jennefer Kummerow in service
14564 Azsevoo IN (BR123) Lieutenant Glennis Omo in service
14642 Pendragon IN (CR502) Lieutenant Graig Nogueda in service
14687 Gishfarra IN in service
14715 Ibyziu IN (BR123) Lieutenant Manda Llams in service
14760 Eisgout IN (BR123) Lieutenant Gia Busskohl in service
14776 Hoozts IN (BR123) Lieutenant Asuncion Nedina in service
14794 Charlemagne IN (CR502) Lieutenant Jarod Ladika in service
14820 Jeuhur IN (CR502) Lieutenant Henriette Babson in service
14859 Saladin IN (CR502) Lieutenant Laverna Beguhl in service
14864 Tana Re IN (CR501) Lieutenant Lesley Cajune in service
14876 Eekdalno IN (BR123) Lieutenant Regena Hysquierdo in service
14877 Falcon Rampant under construction
This craft originally appeared in GDW's magazine JTAS #4
Picture by Paul Jaquays