Traveller Sector Data Cleaning Project

Once upon a time numerous Traveller sectors where encoded as electronic data files. Some were transcribed, others were generated from scratch. Originally they appeared on the Genie BBS but later were mirrored in a number of internet archives (most famously 'Sunbane' and 'Missouri'). As time went by various software packages were written that required this data, often the format was altered. However, regardless of format the data itself was the same.

The problem with all the various electronic data files is that there were errors in the original data (which has been passed down and replicated in each set. Some of these errors are simple transcription errors, others were caused by faults in the program used to generate the data. Additionally, within a given set of sectors they can be from different dates (some sectors are set during the 'classic' era, others are 'rebellion' or 'TNE').

This on-going project will attempt to produce a definative and internally consistant dataset. Starting with the Spinward Marches, working subsector by subsector and based on canon sources ... once all subsectors have been processed a series of sector files will be posted (each for a different year).

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