Most of planet is desert or mountain but there is a 10,000 km (6200 mile) long rift valley with a fertile floor and river.

The capitol city is "Big Rock Mountain" but most business done in the city of "Market".

No highport. One downport named "Geronemo Field" with a nearby startown that is also named "Geronemo". The Port Warden is Vala Feybelin, a busy but competant female human.

Landing fee = Cr350/1k dtons/week. Dry dock = Cr350/1k dtons/day, plus parts and labour. Free rental of small craft (gigs, etc) available for both landed and dry docked ships.

Tax = Cr2/dton cargo crossing XT line (either way), regardless of cargo type. Official shipments by Naasirka and Sternmetal are exempt from tax.

Natural resources = tin, crystals and gems, radioactives, and petrochemicals.

Hotels in Geronemo include the usual chains plus ...

  • "Golden Sands Hotel" - A "glitzy" middle class hotel with delusions of grandeur. This hotel tries to appeal to flashy young playboy nobles, but many of its customers are those to whom wealth has only come recently. Cr50-Cr1000 per day.
  • "The Odyssey Hotel" - Formerly a middle or even upper class hotel, the Odyssey has clearly seen better days. Lacking many standard facilites, this half empty hotel's patrons are a mix of eccentric locals and riff-raff. Cr10-Cr50 per day.

Two spacers' bars: "The Shades" typically attracts merchants, and "The Shamblin Bar", whose clientele tends toward the "mercenary" crowd, even though there isn't a lot of work on Yori for mercs.

Cheap food can be had in Geronemo at "The Happy Frier", "The Rat Barrel", and "The Rib Shack". The best known Expensive "Gentlemen's Club" is "The Bell" (SOC 9+ for admittance)

Local religion called "Wakshe", and the current deity is called "Charni".

Gu Long Eco (known as Mr. Eco, even to his friends) - Owner and no-nonsense barman of the Shades. He's a large, body-builder type who looks like a bouncer. His intense but quiet demeanor can be somewhat intimidating. Does carpentry and DIY for a hobby, which is useful for making the inevitable repairs in the Shades after the frequent brawls.

Landgrab by Peter L.S. Trevor available here

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