Physically unremarkable world with major civil unrest between urban and rural communities. Tensions fanned by Ine Givar.

Capitol city is "Lakatoro". Downport called "Down-Franklin".

Local currency is the Baht (Cr1 = B16.58) and is electronic. Local trading must be in local currency (by law). Currency exchange carries surcharge that varies with amount exchanged:

amount surcharge
upto Cr10,000 2%
Cr10,000 - Cr100,0001.5%
Cr100,000 - MCr1 1%
over MCr1 0.5%

Import tax of 2% value of goods (assessed on landing).

Starport facilities (restaurants, etc) have 10% sales tax. No sales tax elsewhere.

Local public broadcasts dominated by NTV (Naasirka Televideo).

Heavy hire of mercs into government run "Professional Soldiers Group"

A Memorial Fountain is located just outside the main entrance to the Starport. A small plaque at the side of the fountain says it is dedicated to Jamethon Blackthorne who sacrificed his life saving the starport from a terrorist attack.

Porta Ludovica - A Lord Sommerset class subsidized liner (M-72135). The M-Drive failed after an emergency landing at Down-Franklin two years ago and now she is permanently berthed there. The ship serves unofficially as an on-site bar and recreation area for starport personnel. The owner (Captain Jack) makes enough to cover the regular berthing fees and a little besides. The starport personnel like it because being inside the XT line means no sales tax on the drinks, and some of the port's engineers have 'adopted' the ship as their own personal project, frequently tinkering with her systems for free. Meanwhile, Captain Jack will tell anyone who will listen that just one more round of repairs and the ship will be space-worthy again.

Landgrab by Peter L.S. Trevor available here.

Edward Muntz - By day a mild mannered cargo broker at the starport, by night a callous fence who occasionally dabbles in extortion and corruption. Muntz will fence anything if the price is right: stolen goods, smallarms (for either side in the local troubles), even people (as slaves or involuntary organ donors).

Adjacent to the starport is the Archer Medical Facility (owned and operated by First Medical LIC). This is a general hospital with an extensive xenobiology section. It provides medical and quarentine services to the starport.

Naasirka Lakatoro Public Data Well - One of the largest collections of libraries in the subsector.

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