Imperial Grand Survey (circa 1100) - Detail Level 3 (Subsector)
The Sword Worlds
The Sword Worlds

Originally settled by Solomani exiles during the period -400 to -200, the Sword Worlds are named for legendary named swords (and other arms) from the varied history of Terra. Names include Tizon and Colada from the spanish El Cid, and Excalibur from the King Arthur epics.

Settled at about the same time, the many worlds have progressed at about the same rate technologically, and the worlds are remarkably homogeneous socially and culturally. Nevertheless, the relationships between the many worlds have undergone many changes over the centuries. Worlds join together into confederations; those interstellar governments provide a safety of numbers. The precise nature of such confederations range from a simple trading community (with preference to its members) to a powerful empire.

In 852, the Sword Worlds Confederation was established with its capitol at Joyeuse. It participated in the Third Frontier War on the side of the Zhodani; after the war, a coup by an anti-Imperial faction transferred the capital to Gram.

All members of the Sword Worlds maintain independant local navies; they patrol their own systems for the protection of trade. The Confederation Charter calls for the confederalization of these forces in times of need; local admirals are then chosen (based on their homeworld's financial, equipment, and troop contributions) to lead fleets on operations.


Vilis Subsector
District 268

System name       Hex   UPP Code  B  Notes           Z  PBG  Al
----------------  ----  --------- -  --------------  -  ---  --
Hrunting          0101  B463747-9 M  Ri                 313  Sw
Tizon             0102  B386887-A M  Ri                 323  Sw
Narsil            0107  B574A55-A M  Hi In              224  Sw
Flammarion        0110  A623514-B B  Ni Po              710  Im
Colada            0202  B364685-B M  Ag Ni Ri        A  211  Sw
Anduril           0206  B985855-B M  Ri                 222  Sw
Mjolnir           0301  B530544-A M  Ni Po De           522  Sw
Joyeuse           0303  B464778-A M  Ag Ri           A  201  Sw
Orcrist           0306  B8A6733-A M  Fl                 401  Sw
Enos              0310  E25059B-4 M  Ni Po De           710  Sw
Gungnir           0401  B444779-8 M  Ag                 432  Sw
Gram              0403  A895957-B M  Hi In Cp           603  Sw
Excalibur         0405  B324755-A M                     402  Sw
Tyrfing           0504  B637735-A M                     701  Sw
Sacnoth           0505  B775956-C M  Hi In              801  Sw
Caladbolg         0509  B365776-A S  Ag Ri              710  Im
Beater            0604  B685686-A M  Ag Ni Ri           610  Sw
Gunn              0609  E344110-8    Lo Ni           A  602  Im
Caliburn          0610  E000514-A    Ni As              924  Im
Dyrnwyn           0702  B958412-A M  Ni                 201  Sw
Durendal          0703  B687334-B M  Lo Ni              714  Sw
Hofud             0704  B666553-A M  Ag Ni              501  Sw
Sting             0705  B645896-A M                     302  Sw
Biter             0706  B354623-A M  Ag Ni              301  Sw
Steel             0709  E655000-7    Lo Ni Ba           324  Sw
Iron              0806  E529000-9    Lo Ni Ba           714  Sw
Bronze            0807  E201000-9    Lo Ni Va Ic Ba     510  Sw
Mithril           0808  E568000-7    Lo Ni Ba           301  Sw
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