Imperial Grand Survey (circa 1100) - Detail Level 3 (Subsector)
Vilis Subsector
Vilis Subsector

The coreward portion of the subsector is the demilitarised neutral zone established after the Third frontier War. Along the Imperial border runs the xboat route which connects Regina with the subsector capitol at Frenzie.

The subsector was originally explored by the Sword Worlds, with individual planets surveyed and claimed by individual Sword Worlds. Limited colonisation was undertaken, but activity was more in the line of exploitation of readily available resources than settlement. When the Imperials reached the subsector, extensive Imperial colonisation displaced the Sword Worlders and led to the subsector's absorption by the Imperium.

Vilis (1119) was the original subsector capitol, settled in 240 by colonists by Gungnir. Garda-Vilis (1118) was colonised from Vilis in 290; the name means New Vilis. In 470, much of the subsector was absorbed into the Imperium, and that absorption is one of the reasons cited by the Sword Worlds for its membership in the Outworld Coalition and participation in the First Frontier War.

Arden (1011), capitol of the Arden Federation (with two colonies in adjacent Jewell subsector) is a former Imperial world which has established its independence and neutrality. The world is a neutral meeting place for Imperial and Zhodani negotiators.


Jewell Subsector
The Sword Worlds

System name       Hex   UPP Code  B  Notes           Z  PBG  Al
----------------  ----  --------- -  --------------  -  ---  --
Caloran           0101  C796746-5    Ag                 510  Na
899-076           0102  E201300-8    Lo Ni Va Ic        520  Na
Quare             0105  B200545-9    Ni Va              204  Cs
Zeta 2            0109  X6B0000-0    Lo Ni De Ba     R  020  Na
Arden             0201  C5549CB-8    Hi                 810  Fa
Choleosti         0208  C200100-9    Lo Ni Va           101  Im
Margesi           0210  C575677-6    Ag Ni           A  910  Im
Frenzie           0306  A200436-A N  Ni Va              110  Im
Garda-Vilis       0308  B978868-A S                     912  Im
Vilis             0309  A593943-A    Hi In              820  Im
Digitis           0402  E53668A-5    Ni                 920  Na
Edinina           0403  E400220-5    Lo Ni Va        A  401  Cs
728-907           0404  D955000-2    Lo Ni Ba           610  Im
Stellatio         0406  D5A4420-4    Ni Fl              210  Im
Arkadia           0407  E446845-6                       402  Im
Tremous Dex       0501  B511411-C    Ni Ic              201  Na
Mirriam           0505  E472300-8 N  Lo Ni              110  Im
Saurus            0510  D888588-7    Ag Ni              820  Im
Rangent           0601  E67A612-7    Ni Wa              503  Na
Denotam           0603  B739573-A N  Ni                 324  Im
Ficant            0607  E567353-5    Lo Ni              910  Im
Tionale           0701  C674321-8    Lo Ni           A  210  Cs
Calit             0705  C334867-7    C1                 501  Im
Asgard            0709  X3437C7-2    Po              R  520  Im
Tavonni           0710  E567000-7    Lo Ni Ba           434  Im
Phlume            0801  C887624-8    Ag Ni              710  Im
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