Battle Tender INS Graphein
"For His Imperial Highness Emperor Strephon"



Commanding Officer and Staff
Mercenary Cruiser INS Katana

Prepare for immediate operations to transport a covert raiding force to and from Mithril in the Sword Worlds, and investigate any enemy activity there.


SITUATION: Recently gathered intelligence indicate covert Sword Worlds military activity in the Mithril system. Mithril is already a Sword Worlds Confederation system. Why their military is interested in this world when they are in the middle of prosecuting a war against the Imperium has us greatly intrigued. Their reticence in being open in their activity has us concerned.




ENEMY FORCES: Elements of the Sacnoth Fleet may be encountered anywhere along the rimward border of the Sword Worlds. Although a small fleet equipped with mainly tech level 13 ships, it still represents a sizeable naval asset. In addition, Sword Worlds merchants may be operating with Letters of Marquis across the border. Detailed despositions on enemy forces are not available at this time, but it is possible to encounter either lone ships or fleet elements.




FRIENDLY FORCES: Imperial forces have been concentrated into the 214th Fleet under the command of Admiral Rom‚o. Some Colonial elements have also been attached. These forces have been deployed rimward and trailing of your operational area and are unlikely to be available to render any assistance.




NEUTRAL FORCES: Given the political situation within District 268, all local shipping should be considered neutral and will not generally be considered viable targets.



MISSION: Mercenapy Cruiser INS Katana will make ready at her earliest possible conveineance to travel to the Mithril system. There to hide whilst allowing personnel to reach the main world stealthily by cutter. The ground team is to ascertain the nature of the enemy interest and then return. The crew are to be augmented by a small unit of troops, to be assigned from the available troop units in the fleet.



EXECUTION: Specific planning and execution of the mission is deferred to the commanding officers of INS Katana. In general the transportation phases will be planned and executed under the control of the ship's Captain, whilst planet based operations will be the responsibility of the Mission Commander. The additional troopers will answer directly to the Mission Commander. Standard operating procedures apply, except in such circumstances as to be at odds with the mission objective.



RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: You are free to engage anyone or anything which presents itself as a threat to you or your mission, or which fires upon you. Damage to civilian structures should be kept to a minimum.



COMMUNICATIONS: For reasons of security, all future broadcast communications should use Fleet approved call signs and code words. Broad beam transmissions should be kept to a minimum. Normal radio frequencies will continue to be used.

By order of the Fleet Admiral

Admiral Kantaris N. Rom‚o
On behalf of His Imperial Highness


Chief Staff Officer

Harlen Jackson Smith
Operations Executive


Attached Annexes:
  Intelligence Report 5647: Mithril System.
  Supplementary Instructions: Coordinates for Intended Jump.
  Psychops Instructions: Suggested Rationale for Mission.