P.F. Sloan class Fleet Escort

The P.F. Sloan class fleet escort is intended for routine fleet security and support. Fleet escorts are assigned in quantity for local or system defense any time that several squadrons or a fleet are present. If it is remembered that Sloans are lightly armed and armoured, then their performance can be seen as admirable, although they cannot withstand major engagements. When something larger is required then the Oberon class fleet escort is used.


Fleet escort, Type FE, TL 15, MCr3,468


4,500/11,250, Disp=5,000, Config=3USL, Armor=55G, Unloaded=57,132tons, Loaded=59,293tons


417/833, Fusion=75,000Mw, Duration=30


225/450, M-Drive=2, 225/450, Jump=4, Vacuum=2,120kph, NOE=190kph, Agility=0


Radio=System x3, Meson=Planet x1


EMMask, PassiveEMS=Stellar x1, ActiveEMS=FarOrbit x1, EMSJammer=FarOrbit x1, Densitometer=HighPen/1km, Neutrino=10kw, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Rout, PasObjPin=Rout, PasEngScan=Simp, PasEngPin=Rout

Missiles x 9 0       BLaser x x 9
Batt . 2 . Batt . . 3
Bear . 2 . Bear . . 3

DefDM=+9, NucDamp=2, MesonScrn=2


Computer=9 x3, Panel=HoloLink x2,700


BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtendLS, GravPlates, InertialComp, Comfort=3.00


Crew=40, (Bridge=6, Engineer=6, Gunnery=11, Flight=6, Command=7, Stewards=1, Medical=1, Maintenance=2), Staterooms=30


Mineral class Cutter x3


Cargo=540kliters, Fuel=30,875kliters, ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Faint

tail no name owner captain status notes
8975 P.F. Sloan IN
8976 Arian Lisiani IN
8984 Ushimge
8999 Gimi
9067 Kakazuu
9068 Biiim
9070 Khuug
9119 Lionel IN disappeared 985
9127 Rihybuj IN (BR123) Commander Brigid Dziduch in service
9183 Gimimilikhu
9185 Numikaka
9198 Alaric IN (CR502) Commander Kiera Nouth in service
9199 Orlean IN (CR502) Commander Sari Brevitz in service
9214 Liruuin
9256 Waupru IN (BR123) Commander Elisha Perza in service
9277 Uukmi
9284 Gigeush
9298 Kamcuim IN (BR123) Commander Albertina Horenstein in service
9299 Lierruu
9321 Ucvagmaj IN (BR123) Commander Shelba Beckelheimer in service
9341 Aruuskhuim
9350 Justinian IN (CR502) Commander Douglass Ehorn in service
9354 Tiberius IN (CR502) Commander Filiberto Brockell in service
9368 Liimkhu
9385 Acuwaj IN (BR123) Commander Elisha Kmiotek in service
9412 Davovuan IN (BR123) Commander Shakira Afshar in service
9433 Waivda IN (BR123) Commander Arnoldo Aipperspach in service
This craft originally appeared in GDW's Supplement 9 - Fighting Ships
Picture by Paul Jaquays
Stat conversion to MegaTraveller by Peter L.S. Trevor