Kokirrak class Dreadnaught

The Kokirrak class is a preferred ship for flagship operations due to its extensive admiralís quarters, which include command and communications equipment, as well as entertainment chambers. The ship is capable of controlling a large fleet engagement within a system, as well as holding its own in battle; the combination of fleet controller and line-of-battle ship makes it an asset in nearly any space combat situation.

Normally, the Kokirrak class does not carry troops. It is possible to install modular quarters for upto 2,000 troops (usually only 1,000 are carried) in the cargo hold. A squadron of eight Kokirraks can carry between 8,000 and 16,000 troops, or the equivalent of a reinforced division.

This class of dreadnaught, when originally designed and constructed, mounted black globe force field generators. Over the years, various ships have suffered black globe generator failures, and the devices have not been replaced. When encountered, there is approximately a 50% chance that the ship will mount a functioning black globe.

The Kokirrak class is one of the oldest class of dreadnaughts in Imperial service, and are now being phased out of service. Within the last decade, several ships have been disposed of to other services such as the scouts, and to other governments, including sector navies and client-states in the Spinward border regions of the Imperium.


Dreadnaught, Type BB, TL 15, MCr125,038


180,000/450,000, Disp=200,000, Config=4SL, Armor=79G, Unloaded=5,571,752tons, Loaded=5,688,588tons


29,586/59,172, Fusion=5,325,450Mw, Duration=28


9,000/18,000, M-Drive=2, 9,000/18,000, J-Drive=4, Vacuum=2,120kph, Top=1,000kph, Cruise=750kph, NOE=190kph, Agility=0


Radio=System x3, Meson=System x3


PassiveEMS=InterStellar, ActiveEMS=FarOrbit, Densitometer=HighPen/1km, Neutrino=10kw, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Rout, PasObjPin=Rout, PasEngScan=Rout, PasEngPin=Simp

MesonGun T 0 x       FusionGun x 6 0
Batt 1 . . Batt . 50 .
Bear 1 . . Bear . 33 .
Missiles x 9 0       BLaser x x 6
Batt . 50 . Batt . . 50
Bear . 33 . Bear . . 33

DefDM=+7, NucDamp=9, MesonScr=8, BlackGlobe=4 (optional)

Repulsor x 9 x       Sand x x 9
Batt . 20 . Batt . . 33
Bear . 13 . Bear . . 20

Computer=9fib x3, Panel=HoloLink x950, Special=HoloHUD x950, LgHoloDisplay x3


BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtendLS, GravPlates, Comfort=2.51


Crew=279 (Bridge=18, Engineer=108, Maintenance=7, Gunnery=60, Medical=25, Command=49, Steward=12), Troops=105, Stateroom=234




Fuel=2,598,077kliters, FuelScoops, PurificationPlant, ObjSize=Large, EMLevel=Moderate

tail no name owner captain status notes
150 Kokirrak IN
151 Karkakiimkak IN
152 Agaaksurkak IN
153 Ebukhekak IN
154 Nimkhagkak IN
155 Menorrak IN (BR490) in service
156 Ragukaddak IN
157 Kakamimsidukak IN
158 Shukanak IN
159 Gukurak IN
160 Kharkorak IN
161 Agakhuumkak IN
162 Aamgusagukak IN
163 Imigasarak IN
164 Kaarpikamikak IN
165 Sukasmudarkak IN
166 Ekigamak IN
167 Kasharkak IN
168 Kashukak IN
169 Akagikiikak IN
170 Arzaadaarkak IN
171 Ashkhinikak IN
172 Kugishkakak IN
173 Shiigirkhurkak IN
This craft originally appeared in GDW's Supplement 9 - Fighting Ships
Picture by Paul Jaquays
Stat conversion to MegaTraveller by Peter L.S. Trevor