Gionetti class Light Cruiser

The Gionetti class light cruiser is named exclusively for posthumous recipients of the Imperial Starburst for Extreme Heroism.

Originally intended as a fast-reacting fighting ship, its actual use has evolved with experience. The ship is currently in favour as a flagship for many minor operations. It is possible to displace troops or service crew (or both) to provide quarters for command and staff personnel.


Light Cruiser, Type CL, TL 15, MCr15,732


27,000/67,500, Disp=30,000, Config=1SL, Armor=50G, Unloaded=334,127tons, Loaded=350,800tons


2,800/3,733, Fusion=504,000Mw, Duration=26


3,240/4,320, M-Drive=3, 1,620/2,160, Jump=3, Vacuum=2,850kph, Top=1,000kph, Cruise=750kph, NOE=190kph, Agility=1


Radio=System x3, Laser=System x3


PassiveEMS=Interstellar x2, ActiveEMS=FarOrbit x1, Densitometer=HighPen/1km, Neutrino=10kw, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Rout, PasObjPin=Rout, PasEngScan=Simp, PasEngPin=Rout

MesonGun J 0 x       FusionGun x 0 3
Batt 1 . . Batt . . 5
Bear 1 . . Bear . . 5
Missiles x 0 6       BLaser x x 6
Batt . . 20 Batt . . 15
Bear . . 18 Bear . . 14

DefDM=+9, OptNucDamp=1

Repulsor x 9 x       Sand x x 4
Batt . 1 . Batt . . 10
Bear . 1 . Bear . . 10

Computer=9fib x3, Panel=HoloLink x75, Special=LgHoloDisplay x13


BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtendLS, GravPlates, InertialComp, Comfort=2.09


Crew=608, (Bridge=12, Engineer=35, Gunnery=434, Flight=20, Command=85, Stewards=2, Medical=1, FrozenW=19), Troops=30, Staterooms=319, LowBerths=19, EmergLowBerth=159


Mineral class Cutter x5, Traveler class Air/Raft


Cargo=3,375kliters, Fuel=238,248kliters, FuelScoops, PurificationPlant, ObjSize=Large, EMLevel=Strong

tail no name owner captain status notes
1539 Desideriche IN (CR2510) Captain Sir Edmundo Countis in service
1540 Pehanmi IN
1541 Nakhn IN
1542 Ringiil Ahkromeyev IN
1577 Rung IN (CR2510) Captain Manda Indermuehle in service
1762 Posata IN (CR2510) Captain Margit Groombridge in service
1791 Crusedereche IN (CR2510) Captain Indira Akamiro in service
1895 Todanga IN (CR2510) Captain Sir Benton Elhassan in service
1901 Lusederiche IN (CR2510) Captain Vivien Hlastala in service
1949 Dand IN (CR2510) Captain Gaston Kveen in service
1964 Todega IN (CR2510) Captain Elden Brennenstuhl in service
1998 Legionaire
1999 Turokan IN in service
This craft originally appeared in GDW's Supplement 9 - Fighting Ships
Picture by Paul Jaquays
Stat conversion to MegaTraveller by Peter L.S. Trevor