Atlantic class Heavy Cruiser

This class of cruiser has proven popular with the Navy for independent missions, especially beyond the Imperial border. Used alone, the ships are capable of a variety of diplomatic and scientific operations. Used in squadrons, they provide a useful show of force or reinforcement for friendly client-states. The ship’s cargo hold can be used to barrack up to 100 marines for small commando operations, bording parties, and general ship defense.

Reportedly, some examples of the Atlantic class have been fitted with black globe force field generators. This has not been confirmed.

A total of 794 ships were produced, of which approximately 500 remain in service. The Atlantic class is now considered a second line ship. Approximately sixty examples have been transferred, sold, or disposed of to client-states of the Imperium. Recipients include several Vargr nations along the Corridor, Aslan colonial governments allied with or friendly to the Imperium, and many local human worlds within the Imperium.


Heavy Cruiser, Type CR, TL 15, MCr27,228


67,500/168,750, Disp=75,000, Config=2SL, Armor=50G, Unloaded=944,347tons, Loaded=989,443tons


3,753/7,506, Fusion=1,013,310Mw, Duration=28


5,063/6,750, M-Drive=2, 6,075/8,100, J-Drive=5, Vacuum=2,120kph, Top=1,000kph, Cruise=750kph, NOE=190kph, Agility=2


Radio=System x3, Maser=System x3, Laser=System x3


PassiveEMS=Interstellar x3, ActiveEMS=FarOrbit x3, Densitometer=LowPen/250km, HighPen/1km x2, Neutrino=10kw x3, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Rout, PasObjPin=Rout, PasEngScan=Rout, PasEngPin=Rout

MesonGun J 0 x       FusionGun x 0 4
Batt 1 . . Batt . . 5
Bear 1 . . Bear . . 4
Missiles x 9 3       BLaser x x 7
Batt . 20 10 Batt . . 3
Bear . 15 8 Bear . . 3
PAWS 0 9 0
Batt . 2 .
Bear . 2 .

DefDM=+9, OptNucDamp=1, MesonScrn=9

Repulsor x 9 x       Sand x x 7
Batt . 10 . Batt . . 15
Bear . 8 . Bear . . 12

Computer=9 x3, Panel=HoloLink x100, Special=LgHoloDisplay x28


BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtendLS, GravPlates, Comfort=1.62


Crew=862 (Bridge=15, Engineering=86, Gunners=542, Flight=30, Medical=4, Command=120, FrozenWatch=65), Troops=75, Staterooms=468, LowBerths=65, EmerLowBerths=233


Rosendal class Shuttle x3, Mineral class Cutter x4, Traveler class Air/Raft x4


Cargo=2,700kliters, Fuel=644,222kliters, FuelScoops, PurificationPlant, ObjSize=Large, EMLevel=Moderate

tail no name owner captain status notes
7437 Atlantic IN
7438 Pacific IN
7439 India IN
7440 Oceana IN
7441 Artica IN
7442 Yal-Tengri
7443 Mediterranean IN Commander Sir Danforth Quimby
7444 Cerenerian IN Captain Barronette Mazun Igadushda
7457 Nimbus IN
7476 Forodh IN (CR502) Captain Ramonita Mulready in service
7477 Dynamme IN (CR502) Captain Milan Connette in service
7491 Cator IN (CR502) Captain Sari haut-Garnet in service
7496 Horor IN (CR502) Captain Sir Kraig Dejes in service
This craft originally appeared in GDW's Supplement 9 - Fighting Ships
Picture by Paul Jaquays
Stat conversion to MegaTraveller by Peter L.S. Trevor