Children of the March
  • Azhanti High Lightning class Frontier Cruiser (60,000 dtons)
  • Owner = IN
  • Captain = Captain Dakhkhuefak
  • Status = in service
  • Age = 108
  • Builder = Ling Standard
  • Laid down = 095-0994
  • First flight = 117-0997

Placed in ordinary, 1048. Hull retained in orbital storage pending disposition or further need.

Modernised and refurbished starting 327-1082. Returned to duty as frontier cruiser 199-1083.

Assigned to Spinward Marches.


(FI-6355, later CF-6355) was unusual primarily for its method of financing, The boost to the subsector economy created by the award of construction contracts was important enough to make all areas of the Imperium vie for the privilege. Because the Solomani Rim War (990 to 1002) was taking place on the other side of the Imperium, the Spinward Marches had little chance of receiving a contract.

The Duke of Regina, speaking for the Marches, proposed that the Marches fund one additional ship from its own resources, on the condition that the Marches recieve the contract to produce a portion of the total run. The school children of the worlds within the Marches contributed from their lunch money, at a quarter credit each, for the ultimate funding of one ship, and it was named CHILDREN OF THE MARCH in their honour.

Source: Supplement 5, GDW