Loathesome Reverie
  • Azhanti High Lightning class Frontier Cruiser (60,000 dtons)
  • Owner = IN
  • Status = lost
  • Builder = AHG, AG
  • Laid down = 320-0993
  • First flight = 003-0996

Placed in ordinary, 1048. Hull retained in orbital storage pending disposition or further need.

Modernised and refurbished starting 132-1081. Returned to duty as frontier cruiser 212-1082.

Lost in postwar operations (1085 to 1105)


(FI-6348, later CF-6348) was committed to routine naval patrol in the Spinward Marches after the Fourth Frontier War (1082 to 1084). In 1090, the ship was transferred to the Imperial Core, and ordered to make a call at Lewis/Aramis en route and investigate a report of piracy. Several shipping lines had complained that the system was encumbering trade with boardings and confiscations under the guise of customs inspections.

Upon arrival, the ship was welcomed by locals and no improprieties appeared to exist. Unknown, however, to the crew, explosive devices were placed at crucial points within the ship, and a small boarding was attempted. Their goal - the power plant, proved unattainable, and the attempt was beaten off.

The ship's commander, in retaliation, sought out the actual pirate base and destroyed it with ship's weaponry.

Source: Supplement 5, GDW