Azhanti High Lightning
  • Azhanti High Lightning class Frontier Cruiser (60,000 dtons)
  • Owner = IN
  • Status = in service
  • Age = 111
  • Builder = Gashidda No. 1
  • Laid down = 015-0991
  • First flight = 091-0994

Placed in ordinary, 1048. Hull retained in orbital storage pending disposition or further need.

Modernised and refurbished starting 032-1078. Returned to duty as frontier cruiser 111-1081.

Assigned to Spinward Marches


(FI-6326, later CF-6326) is the ship of class and lends its name to the entire class of vessels. Its most noticeable engagement occured during the Fourth Frontier War (1082-1084), after its conversion to frontier cruiser. One of the first ships to be converted, it was immediately placed on neutrality watch on the border between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. With the outbreak of war in early 1082, the AZHANTI HIGH LIGHTNING immediately led its small escort of Fiery and Gazelle class ships directly toward the Zhodani thrust through Vilis subsector, and succeeded in beating back the enemy with minimal losses to the Imperial Task Force.

Source: Supplement 5, GDW