Rock Rose
  • Chrysanthemum class Destroyer Escort (1,000 dtons)
  • Owner = IN
  • Captain = Lt Commander Allen Kirk
  • Status = in service
  • Age = 60

The ROCK ROSE has been refitted to the "G" mod standard:

- The PAWS turrets have been reconfigured to act as two batteries.
  (was: 1x PAWS-3. now: 2x PAWS-2)

- Two of the sandcaster turrets have been replaced with missile turrets.
  (was: 1x Missile-4, 1x Sand-7. now: 1x Missile-5, 1x Sand-5)

- The 50 dton cutter has been replaced with a 20 dton gig and a 30 dton ship's boat.

- A small marine detachment has been added.

Source: Timothy Lee