At first a fairly straight forward career followed (David had some command experience at 25) he pushed for Staff College and got in at 27. At 28 he was on a strike mission against an Ine Givar base on Efate and earned a prestigious MCG.

At 30 he was assigned to TDY to the Regina subsector navy, and was given command of the Sir Gregor Patram (a Lurushaar Kilaalum class Patrol Cruiser, aka a Type-T patrol cruiser) on an anti-piracy sweep through the region. He quickly located a pirate haven just across the Imperial border but, lacking sufficient backup to speedily resolve the matter, at first was only able to blockade it. After almost a year the pirates were weakened to the point that a successful raid could be made.

The TDY over, David returned to the Imperial Navy, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and given command of the Hammerhorn (a Gazelle class Close Escort). He commanded the Hammerhorn for 3 years, hoping for something that would earn him another promotion but no opportunity presented itself.

David intends to be a senior member of the Efate government one day, but he wants to at least make the rank of Captain in the Imperial Navy first. He is training himself to be a ruler. He just needs the opportunity to further demonstrate his obvious leadership abilities under exceptional circumstances. His almost arrogant self-confidence and ambition in this matter may actually be justified.

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