Personality Psychological Profile

Drive is 11
Loyal to a subsector
Devoted (makes major efforts to support the group)
Reasonably stable (may cave in if things get too crazy)
Respected leader (can lead large groups with success)
Respectful (obeys all laws and regulations)
Average tolerance (may be persuaded by convincing evidence)

Core disposition is Straightforward
Inclining displosition is Responsible


Jürgen Davi was born to well-to-do parents near Devil's Fork on Yori/Regina in 1077. As a teenager he and his younger sister worked at a large food exchange, in the city's Northern District, where he specialised in rice brokerage. He learned he to deal with local merchants, shippers, and even some of the wealthier rice farmers.

At 18 he signed up with a small merchant outfit. Technically hired as part of the engineering department his main duties involved horse trading for spare parts for the companies fleet of aging Far Traders. However, after four years he'd failed to pass his first engineering exam and so decided on a career change: he enlisted in the Imperial Navy.

His initial career was fairly uneventful ... a slow but steady progression up the enlisted ranks, his interpersonal skills earning his a stint at a recruitment fair. Then, in 1105, he was sent to OCS after which he worked in the Customs & Excise office on Regina/Regina.

In 1107 the Fifth Frontier War started. A surprise attack by Zhodani raiders over Efate/Regina left Sublieutenant Devi in temporary command of CL-1998 Legionaire (a Gionetti class Light Cruiser). His handling of the crisis earned him a medal and a promotion. Over the next few years, as the war raged on, he earned more medals and promotions. Then, after supplementary training at both the Command College and the Staff College on Regina/Regina, he became Aid to Fleet Admiral Norris.

After the war's official end Lieutenant Commander Devi was given command of an anti-piracy squadron operating in Dethenes County (coreward end of the Regina subsector). In 1116, he reported to the naval base at Jewell/Jewell, where he was assigned to the fleet Frozen Watch.

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