Morgan Li was born in small town a few kilometres outside of Port-Vila (Efate/Regina), on the island of Nurakita. His early childhood was spent care freely playing in and near the sea. His family on his mother's side had been involved with the local triggerpod fishing industry for more years than he could have imagined. His father's family had only relatively recently settled there, with his grandfather, Morris, having arrived following his retirement from the Imperial Marine Force. Moran grew up hearing the stories of an old Marine and with childish enthusiasm and decided that a life in the Imperial Marine Force was for him.

In his early teens his eyes were opened to the lack of basic medical care as well as other basic requirements of life within the area. His grandfather's basic medical skills, learnt for dealing with casualties at the forward edge of battle saved a number of lives and, at times, within meters of Morgan. This hardened his attitudes to the Urbanites whom he blamed for interfering with the way of life on the islands while at the same time couldn't be bothered to supply the basics of life to those who help feed them. This eventually made him realise that staying on Efate would do him no good and his life was destined to be lived elsewhere.

As his grandfather laid on his deathbed Morgan told the old Marine of his intention to follow him in to the IMF. Morris pointed out to the young man that the people of Nurakita need another Marine like a hole in the head but a fully trained doctor would make a difference to people's lives. Taking the old mans advice, and realising that perhaps he could make a difference there as his grandfather had, he applied himself to his schooling and secured himself a place at the medical school in Lakatoro.

While away at medical collage, in Lakatoro, both of his parents were killed in an Ine Givar sponsored bombing campaign. Until this point he had been drifting more to the hard-line views of extremist Ruralites, this was particularly due to his experiences in Lakatoro and still the reason he had first decided to study medicine. He completed his studies now with a goal in his life, he was to going to get as far away from Efate as he could and the Imperial Marines were to be his ticket.

Arriving at the IMF recruiting office, collage medical qualification in hand, Morgan had the second shock of his short life. He failed the physical requirements. Hand in hand with the second shock of his life the second Marine to guide his life entered. Staff Sergeant Norman saw the potential of very good doctor in Morgan and he wanted men like that to be treating his comrades when the time came. Being the grandson a Marine also helped the Staff Sergeant's decision. Papers were shuffled, a few lost, a handful of 'off the record' chats didn't happen and all evidence of Morgan's failed attempt at joining the IMF were gone. He was on his own to make something of this second chance and soon he was off to the Imperial Navy as a trainee Doctor. On completion of his naval medical training his first assignment was to an IMF Regimental Aid Station. Here he received his first introduction to 'combat medicine' and for the first time but not the last he carried out surgery in an operating theatre heavily under fire. Acutely aware that he was relatively living in the lap of luxury while men younger than him were dieing and being wounded he succeeded in doing all he could to keep his RAS operating through out the conflict.

Although not decorated for his actions his natural performance in keeping the RAS operating in the most difficult of times was noticed. He soon found himself far away from the day to day life he had only just become acclimatised to and was sent to Command Collage.


Recently Morgan has started to realise that he is getting a little too old for the life of a front line Doctor but his career has not seen him blessed with much promotion. Soon he will need to leave the Imperial Navy, his home and family for the past 18 years. Efate still holds no draw, those wounds will probably never heal. He no longer thinks of it as home, that honour goes to the Navy. Much of his time away from his duties is now spent considering and researching where he can settle once his Navy career has ended.



  • Still has his grandfathers maroon beret. (He knows that is would cause a great deal of ridicule if this was know. It is safely packed and not on display.)
  • Like to joke that when he leaves the navy he wants to open his own Brubek's. (At the heart of this is that he is worried that he may end his days drinking himself in to an early grave in one of the damned places.)
  • Collects travel books. (This is his way of keeping a weather eye on place he may want to retire to.)

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