Pell is a human male born and raised on Yori. He's about 30 years old, caucasian with short bleach-blond hair (swept back), wearing army boots and predominantly loose-fitting black clothes that billow in the wind. He reminds people of a well-groomed punk or juvenile delinquent. He is impetuous and irreverant (and prone to sarcasm), but he is also honest.

Pell is an ex-thief and a murderer who got caught. After some time in prison he was sent to the Blephos Archive is part of a rehibilitation program. He is tough and wants to become a missionry (probably on the streets on Market). He has finished the compulsory part of the rehabilitation program and could leave at any time but stays for the training. He is not very remorseful but now sees the value in being part of society instead of against it. As he sees it he made some mistakes, now he is moving on.

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